Monday, August 8, 2011


So, I've painted one door so far and due to my complete a.d.d. when I went to Lowe's to look and decide on a paint color I got completely off track and decided to paint the exterior front door first.  I painted it a high gloss black but now I think I need to add a nickle kick plate and door knocker for a little extra zhush .  This is a complete representation of how quickly I get side tracked and how I have hard time actually relaxing. 

So doctor's orders, I need to simmer down a bit.  I need to relax before my body completely shuts down. So with that said, I will give you updates at a later time regarding the painted doors, our $13 coffee table and I wish I had this sign hanging at our home right now... as it is completely true.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's paint some doors, shall we?

So I have really been liking what I see when it comes to interior painted doors.  I think it adds an unexpected pop of color to a room and besides who says that doors just have to be white.  I am seriously contemplating painting some doors in my house and here a few of my inspiration ideas. 

I like the blue, it's unexpected but not overwhelming

The high gloss black makes a statement, especially against the white walls and trim.  It may be too much from our humble abode, but a nice grey may work.

I mean, shut the front door (pun intended), the yellow is a statement maker but again it maybe too bold for the cottage.

The pale blue makes it's own statement in a kitchen thatconsists of  a mostly neutral color pallet... very much a contender in the paint race.